Along A Traveled Path

As the day settled and the sun remained beaming above the horizon; we dressed appropriately for the evenings activity, filled our water bottles, checked the wheels for air and latched our helmets.  Then, my husband and I were ready to go.  Our bikes took us down a well-traveled path, as we picked up speed to reach our designated point, in order to turn around and do it over again.  We  slowed our pace on the last stretch home and took in the surroundings.  We passed this old, abandoned house many times, wondering what the story behind it was.  One day, we decided to stop and get a closer look at it.

We parked our bikes in front of the walkway that was lined with red tulips and dried weeds.  We cautiously approached the front porch.  Although, it looked abandoned I envisioned an old, recluse of a man abruptly swinging the front door open and asking us, “What are ya’ll doing on my property?”,  scaring the life out of us.  But, that didn’t happen as we took one careful step at a time onto the weathered porch.

There were two rocking chairs with red, worn paint sitting quiet and still as if waiting for a leisurely, summers day visit.  Resting on top of the single rocking chair was the top of a wooden crate that read: Baking Powder.  I found that to be a peculiar place for it.  I wanted that crate lid.  I visioned how unique it would look hanging in my bistro kitchen.  But, I was not going to take something that didn’t belong to me.  Even if the house was abandoned, it would be stealing and I Am No Thief.  So, we opened the screen door to read the dusty note that was affixed to the old, front door; hoping we would find out something about the owner of the house.  It read something about going to court.  There was a phone number on it, so I put it in my phone to call later because, I really wanted that baking powder sign.

We walked around the house, through a rusty gate and into the backyard.  It had been a long time since that yard had been maintained.  The grass was knee-high.  There were colorful plants and bushes blooming as they were being choked out from the lack of lawn care.  The back entrance into the house was original in its deteriorating appearance.  There was a yellow, bare security light that would provide light onto the paint worn, concrete steps and a rusted railing  that led the way into a lifeless house.

After we walked out of the backyard jungle, onto the side of the house, I noticed some bricks laying face up in a row, in the dirt.  How interesting.  They had writing on them.  Just up from the bricks was a rusted shovel with no handle that had been stuck in the ground.  Just up from the bricks was a water-spout with a broken knob.

After recording a bit of history that rests up the street from our home, we respectfully left the house and its surrounding the way we had found them.  As we rode away into the sunset, we were even more curious (after reading that note that was affixed to the front door) as to what had happened to the person who once occupied that old, abandoned house along the path of our travels.  Was he/she still alive or living their days within four, worn walls feeling lifeless and abandoned?


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Hip, Hip Hooray! You’ve Made My Day!

I just don’t know what to say.  What a sweet surprise… To be nominated.  WOW!  Thank you fellow blogger, Nancy at:, for nominating my blog: DaileyDelights.  It’s an honor to be picked and I’m so happy that you enjoy my blog “very much.”

♥  A short version of what the Liebster Award is about:  The award is a gesture of kindness from a fellow blog follower (nominator) who wants to help you (nominee) gain awareness of your small blog by letting others know a bit more “About” you and your blog.  In doing so, you (the nominee) will hopefully, gain more followers.  What a sweet deal!

Here’s How the Fun Begins:


  • Acknowledge the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions they asked about you.
  • Nominate bloggers with 200 (more or less) followers who you enjoy following and want to let others know about them.
  • Let the nominees know that you have nominated them.  Note: You CANNOT nominate the person who nominated you.
  • Post some questions for the blogger you have nominated to answer.


♥  I would like to nominate fellow bloggers:, &


 And, here are the questions I have to answer:

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I enjoy so many things: Writing, Cooking/Baking, Art/Crafts, Gardening, Photography, Adventures and the Great Outdoors.  I felt blogging would be a wonderful way to express myself.  Hopefully, engaging with other like- minded bloggers who enjoy my post; sharing in Entertaining, Inspirational, Flavorful dialogue.

2. What would be your favorite adventure?

Oh, my.  I have so many adventures that I would like to take that it’s hard to narrow one down.  I love the outdoors so, I’d have to say taking a vacation with my family to Alaska, or YellowStone, or the Grande Canyon, or Maine…  So many places, so little time.  

3. Who is your favorite musician?

Boy.  Again, I enjoy many genres of music: Pop/Jazz (Barbra Streisand, Michael Bublé, Classical (Mozart,Tchaikovsky), Old Rock from the 70′s, 80′s (Jon Bon Jovi, BeeGees, AeroSmith, Prince, Kenny Loggins), Easy Listening (Tony Braxton).

4. What are your 5 favorite foods?

I love to eat!  1.)  Sherry-Vinegar Chicken w/ Wild Rice Pancakes  2.) Basil-Fried Rice  3.)  Chicken Tamales  4.)  Fried-Green Tomatoes  5.)  Tiramisu 

5. What top 2 things are on your bucket list?

Write a novel and visit Europe (England and Italy) but, in all reality, I’ll settle for visiting New England, USA.

6. What is your favorite post from your blog?

Hmm.  I really enjoy my creative post on cooking/art however, those two blogs listed gained more positive attention.  I believe it’s because of the relative content.  In the first post, women were anxious to see my hair turning gray (on Facebook) because for many, it’s a secret inclination that so often isn’t fulfilled due to fear.  The second post simply gave HOPE that Spring was here after a long winter.

Here’s 2 Favorite Posts:  Transformation 1: It’s Okay To Go Gray and Embrace

♥  Now, my list of questions for you nominees to answer:

1.)  When did you join the ubiquitous social media of blogging?

2.)  Why did you create a blog?

3.)  What do you consider to be your greatest strength?

4.)  Who/What inspires you?  

5.)  Where would you go if you could travel anywhere your heart desires?

6.)  If you haven’t accomplished all your goals, what is one that you would like to fulfill?   

7.)  What is your favorite entree?  Dessert?

8.)  How would you like to spend the next 10 years of your life?



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Today’s Tip: How To Peel A Head Of Garlic

I Love To Cook With Garlic!  Garlic turns a mundane dish into a Flavorful-Olfactory Masterpiece.  Not only is garlic full of flavor, it is heart healthy as well.  Note: Keep the mints nearby when consuming the aromatic, pungent, little cloves wrapped in delicate, pale tissue.  It is sneaky that way.  :/

I saw this easy technique on Martha Stewart’s Cooking School: How To Peel A Head Of Garlic.

Take two similar size bowls with the same rim width.  Place the head of garlic in one bowl then, place the other bowl on top with rims touching.  Hold the bowls tightly and give it a good shake, shake, shake.  Viola!  The skins come right off.  No more smashing the cloves with the back of a knife (unless you need to take out your frustration or just enjoy giving it a good whack.)

Let the kids help out in the kitchen and do the shaking for you.  Or, you may just want to do it yourself.  :)  It’s that fun & easy!


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I Hear The Train ‘A Coming….

Choo!  Choo!  Clickity-clack, clickity-clack rolling down the track.  I could hear the ghost train coming towards us  as we stepped out of our car, near the old MK&T (Missouri, Kansas & Texas) Railroad Tunnel on that cold, windy Spring day.

It was Spring break yet, it felt like winter as we drove around the eclectic, historical town of Rocheport, Missouri.  It was almost too cold to get out of our car but, we’d have missed out on that adventurous opportunity if we had of just driven around, viewing the picturesque scenery from the warmth and comfort within the glass and blue metal barrier.

After stopping by an old general store for hot chocolate, we drove around the back of main street.  It wasn’t too far to drive because the town had only 243 people residing there.   Just as we rounded the corner onto gravel road THERE IT WAS.  Laying near the Missouri River is a unique and popular trail that hundreds of pedestrians visit each year:  The Katy Trail.  It was converted in to a bike/hike trail after serving as the MK&T railroad that runs through Missouri, Kansas and Texas.  It stretches hundreds of miles across Missouri providing a long and adventurous ride or walk.

We were so excited to see it!  I jumped out of the car; my husband and son followed.  I could see the old train tunnel up ahead.  It was enveloped in the hillside, surrounded with trees and a creek that ran in front of it.  We walked briskly as the cold wind bit through us; pulling us back with each forceful step that we took.  Being the avid adventurers that we are, we pushed back and kept tracking. The tunnel was quite a sight to see.

I love that little, old town.  It is located nearby where we are moving to this summer.  I have big plans to spend a significant amount of time in that artsy town: Riding our bikes on the trail, dining at the local Les Bourgeois Blufftop Bistro, buying antiques and selling my artwork or, just stopping by to have a scoop of homemade ice cream.  Big adventures lie ahead and I CAN’T WAIT!


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Hungry For Asian!?

“Well, ain’t this place a geographical oddity. Two weeks from everywhere!”  We belt in unison  as we  eagerly search for a really decent place to eat – other than the usual places –  while our bellies growl repeatedly. My husband and I  laugh then, sigh because as fun as it is to say, it is the sad truth of things around these small, rural towns.  We grow weary with the passing of the day as we drive around searching and hoping that the next place will be “the one” to satisfy our culinary cravings.  More times than not we are discontent with our find.

I’m from a small town and we live in a small town.  Frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way but, it has its disadvantages when it comes to dining out. We don’t eat out often because I enjoy cooking it up at the Dailey Bistro.

It’s difficult to plan a romantic evening out for dinner when our sophisticated palates are limited to franchise, Ma & Pa Restaurants and BBQ places – unless we want to drive an hour and a half to the north, south, east or west.  Some of those Ma & Pa eatery’s give those small towns its charm.  We do like BBQ on occasion but, we like ‘em some Asian too.  That friends is a challenge when you live in a rural community that stretches for miles and miles in every direction.  Real Asian cuisine just can’t be found.  What to do when one is hungry for the taste of sesame, ginger, almonds  and Asian noodles? One fixes it themselves.

I love a challenge in the kitchen…  Searching, Preparing, Tweaking and Cooking new recipes is an art for me.  It’s like painting a familiar subject and adding my own style to the picture; making it my very own.  I do this often when I find two or three different versions of a similar recipe.  I may take a little bit of this and a little bit of that from each recipe; often adding my own touch.  Surprisingly, or not, the recipe always transforms into a tasty dish.  It’s like finding a hidden treasure in your own home.  :)

So, dear friends.  From the Dailey Bistro’s kitchen to yours, I’d like to share my latest masterpiece with you:  Almond-Chicken Stir Fry w/ Sesame-Ginger Sauce.  I hope you enjoy the abundance of delicious flavors and textures as much as we do.

Click here for recipe.  Almond-Chicken Stir Fry w/ Sesame-Ginger Sauce


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Favorite Quotes: How Do You Use Them?


I recently divulged my obsession with quotes to a fellow blogger who also collects quotes.  That got me to thinking about this post and how much fun it would be to hear how many of you collect or share quotes and how you use them.

” A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”  

~ Proverbs 16:9

I have a drawer that I toss my favorite quotes that I collect into (I’m not too organized with them, yet).   I cut them out of magazines (growing up my favorite contributor was Reader’s Digest), save them from Facebook attachments (a lot of good ones shared here) or write down the ones that I hear and like; many of my quotes come straight out of the bible.  I like to print them off and put them in picture frames (a lovely, simple, inexpensive gift), write them in a note/letter to family, friends and the like, use to make gift tags or dig them out and reread them from time to time just to make me feel better.

I have a big quote project that I would love to do in the new home that my husband and I will be moving into this summer: Paint a big inspirational quote on my dining room wall.  That would be awesome!  And, who knows where that could lead?  The kitchen? Living Room?  Bathroom?  My bedroom?

This one sits on top of my desk:

I love the way a quote can send a feeling of hope or inspiration; entertains or helps get the receiver through a rough day.  Quotes are an auspicious way to get a message across.  So, do you collect, share or use quotes?  If so, in what way?



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We’ve been waiting for you…  

Yearning to feel your warmth; to smell your sweetness; to see your face so vividly, and to frolic in the comfort of your inviting embrace.

My darling Spring, you have been away far too long and, why you were away we have endured such harsh conditions.  

We cried out for you many times but, you did not hear us for you were asleep.   But, now, my darling, you have awoken from your deep slumber.  

We smile joyfully. We come out to greet you with open arms.  We meet you in all your splendor.  

Spring we wait no more for you are here.  And, though, your time is short, we will cherish each moment and never forget that you bring sunshine into our cloudy days; warmth to our cold souls; color to our dull flesh, and sweetness to our bitter existence.

Photo: Tulip Tree taken by Bobbi @



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