It’s Okay To Go Gray

Ladies- I’m going to shine some light on the dark rumors that have been circulating long before L’Oreal was invented.  It Is Okay To Go Gray.  There.  I’ve said, and it’s true.

Beautiful Before & After

I first noticed a few gray hairs coming in on the top of my head when I was around 42 years young (4 years ago).  I have always sported long, dark hair.  I kept it natural.  Meaning I did not put harsh chemicals on it.  Now, I’ve never been too good at styling my own hair.  It’s either up in a twist, pulled back in a pony, or hanging straight down.  Not to mention, I have medium-fine hair which does not like to hold a curl.  But, it’s a style/look that fits me and my long, slender frame.  So, I wasn’t too worried when I saw a few gray hairs streaming down with the thousands of dark hairs on my head.  I was not going to give into the vain act of coloring my hair.  It’s time-consuming, costly, and it makes a big mess.  I know.

Well, as the days and months moved forward, so did the gray hairs.  The gray hairs still weren’t too noticeable, at least not to others.  But, to me the gray hairs looked like icicles cascading down a Christmas tree.  What to do?  I thought about it.  Then, thought some more about it.  Okay.  I could not walk around shimmering like a Christmas tree.  (Although, shimmer does sound fun.) After all, I was only in my early 40’s.  Too young to be looking like some ole’ grandma.  (Oh, I’m a grandma now). Too young to be considered “OLD” and past her prime.  Too young to be labeled “less-desirable” and “unattractive”.  Too young!  Ladies.  I was submitting to the rumors.

Who said we will look old, less-desirable, and unattractive with our natural gray hair?  Our society does.  I don’t know a time that gray hair has ever been in style for women.  Before color treatments were developed, I suppose women had to walk around in shame; maybe wear an itchy, uncomfortable wig; hide under a big hat.  But, oh, yes!  Men can walk around feeling like Don Juan with gray hair.  Our society says they’re distinguished, sexy, ever-more-so attractive.  Heck, they can lose they’re hair (or shave it off) sporting a bald head and still be considered sexy.

I know a woman’s hair is her crowning glory.  The definition of glory:

1.Great honor, praise, or distinction accorded by common consent; renown.
2. Something conferring honor or renown.
3. A highly praiseworthy asset: Your wit is your crowning glory.
4. Adoration, praise, and thanksgiving offered in worship.
5. Majestic beauty and splendor; resplendence: The sun set in a blaze of glory.
6. The splendor and bliss of heaven; perfect happiness.
7. A height of achievement, enjoyment, or prosperity: ancient Rome in its greatest glory.
8. A halo, nimbus, or aureole.
9.To rejoice triumphantly; exult:
Ladies, I’m here to reveal that “It’s Okay To Go Gray.”  We can and should sport our gray hair with great honor from all the battles we’ve fought (win or lose); praise one another for having the courage to scorn society, and wear our gray hair without feeling less attractive; bask in our majestic beauty with our “Crown of Glory” upon our heads, and rejoice triumphantly for winning the battle waged against women that spreads vicious rumors saying, “It Is NOT Okay To Go Gray.”
Bold & Beautiful                                                          Short & Sassy

Therefore ladies, after nearly four years of coloring my own hair (painting my bathroom counter top, floor, even the walls with splatter of dark dye) or paying to have it colored (now every 3-4 weeks), I am coming out and exposing my authentic self.  A proud woman, a devoted wife and mom, designer and doer of all things warm & cozy in and around our home.  A grandma.  A prosperous member of society – all while sporting my shimmering “crown of glory.” I must say that it is a big relief. No more worries, no more mess and, more time to do the things that I really enjoy. Coloring my hair is no longer a priority. Hooray!
So, join me, if you please,  in my ubiquitous campaign, as I set my hair free and let it grow out, to its natural transformation.  You know you’ve been secretly thinking about.  You Can Do It!
Note: I will be posting pictures of my natural transformation throughout the year. Pictures coming soon.

Flirty & Fun                                                                 Long & Luminous


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4 responses to “It’s Okay To Go Gray

  1. I’ll look forward to observing your transformation!

    • Indeed. I’m into my fifth month without coloring my hair. It takes a while for it to grow out enough to see the gray. I was worried I’d end up with a skunk pattern or a blotchy mess, but it’s coming in quite nicely. That makes this transformation all the more inviting. :)

  2. I suspect I’ll go grey early, it runs in the family and I’m a brunette too so…sigh!

    I color my hair and it’s funny cos it’s my dad who tells me my hair is like a dark veil on my face. And he’s right. So I have it colored 4 shades lighter..I’ll stop when it become salt and pepper lol

    • Thanks for visiting!

      I just figured at nearly 47 years old, I can literally, let my hair down. It’s been a liberating experience.
      My hair looks silvery, which I love the look of. I still have a lot more brunette hair than gray/silver so, time will tell what color it will be. I do like the results, thus far.

      ~ You’ve got my support when you do decide to go gray.

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