Transformation 1: “It’s Okay To Go Gray”

Well, friends. I’m starting my transformation series today on “It’s Okay To Go Gray.” As I previously posted, I am sick of coloring my hair and have decided, with great enthusiasm, to just let my hair go gray into its natural state.

This quest started over four months ago after growing tired of coloring my hair and, then, cleaning up the mess afterwards. I also let my beautician color my hair between those times of self-coloring.  I quickly grew tired of taking time to make the appointment, driving to the appointment, sitting there for over an hour for the whole process to take form then, for a few short weeks, I could enjoy my “youthful” appearance before it was time to start the process all over again. Ugh! I could think of better things that I’d rather spend my time, money and energy on. Things like: painting, cooking, writing, cuddling with my husband, scrubbing the toilet. You feel my pain?

The photo you are about to see was taken a few days ago (Feb. 07, 2013).  I haven’t put any color what-so-ever on my hair since September 2013. That’s nearly 5 months of going “au naturel”.  So, you can see a bit of shimmer cascading (that sounds fun and oh, so, elegant) down the middle of my hair and framing my face. I have to say that I like the way it’s looking.  No skunk pattern, no blotches; an even distribution of icicles shimmering.  I no longer dread the appearance of gray coming through.  I WELCOME IT!  Just knowing that I do not have to start the color-process over every few weeks is a big relief.  I no longer have concerns that I might look “aged” or “unattractive”.   Haven’t you heard?  “True Beauty  lies within”   and “Beauty is in the eye-of -the-beholder.”  *Have I mentioned that I will be 47 years young this summer.  I am comfortable  in my own skin.  I Do Not care what others think of me.  

“It’s Okay To Go Gray.”

Ladies, if you’ve ever thought about scorning the hair chemicals and “going gray” but, are afraid of being labeled something that isn’t… desirable, or you’re worried that it may age you to go “au naturel.” I advise you to just do it. Do it for yourself. Pay no attention to society. Pay no attention to the person next to you who is insecure and has no courage to stand up for themselves. Pay no attention to the negativity that comes with women going gray. But do pay attention.  Pay attention to what makes you feel good about yourself.  Pay attention to what makes your life a little easier in a world full of obstacles for women.  Pay attention to what you want.

*Remember this: If you do desire to “Go Gray,” You are no less a woman.  You are a woman with strength, self-confidence and courage.  You are Beautiful being your natural self.  And, “It’s Okay To Go Gray.”

*Note: Stay tuned.  More transformation pictures coming in 3 months.


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2 responses to “Transformation 1: “It’s Okay To Go Gray”

  1. Carol Willis

    Hi Bobbi! A few years ago, I became tired of the maintenance needed to hide my gray. So like you, I decided that I had earned every one of my “shiny hairs” (sounds much more exciting than gray hari) and stopped coloring it. Who would have known that my natural color was so dark! The patches of shiny hair have grown larger since then, but that’s ok. After watching a close friend undergo treatment for breast cancer and lose her hair, I realize how blessed I am to have hair of any color.
    Carol Willis

    • Carol, kudos to you! I’m sure you felt liberated once you made the decision to go “au naturel.”

      Such a humble realization… You are absolutely correct: It’s a blessing to have hair and I believe we women should wear our shimmering locks without shame. Because, “It Is Okay.”

      Thanks for the comment. Blessings to you and your friend.

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