Simple Creations: Wooden Bead Necklace & Refurbished Candy Box

Happy Thursday Friends!

As you can tell from my blog that I post whatever my muse instructs me to create.  It may be a short story; a recipe; something artsy or crafty; an entertaining or inspirational piece.

A few of you may know me well enough to know that I have been blessed with an artistic talent, which I have let go unpolished for quite some time… until recently.  I am slowly getting my groove back and have some neat projects in progress.   I am working on some fun, whimsical and useful creations that are the subject of my new website that is under construction:

Today, I wanted to share a simple and cute little project that I made for my secret sister.  It is her birthday today so she is getting a little something extra special from me.

This is a wooden bead necklace on a leather cord that I strategically strung.  ( I saw something similar to this on another blog however, I started making jewelry – and sold some -years ago.)  I bought the beads at an antique shop.  They were already painted so, that saved me some time.  However, I did paint a hint of glittery-gold to the grooved beads to give it a little shimmer and to compliment the flower pendant.  You can use just about any type of cord: ribbon, hemp, leather.  Be sure that you tie a knot at the top of the last beads strung.  This ensures that the beads will stay put.

Next, I made a gift box to house the necklace in.  I refurbished a peppermint stick box that I had saved from Christmas.  I love small boxes and knew that this one would look cute painted with its peek-a-boo window.

I painted the box with folkart acrylic enamel in my secret sister’s favorite color: Lime Green.  It took a couple of coats to cover up the colors and wording originally on the box.  The gold outlining the window is original to the design.  I lined it with a piece of green & white poke-a-dot felt that I already had.  Then tied a lovely sheer, lime green ribbon around it.  Simple, adorable and it didn’t cost me any extra money to make.

Have a Beatiful, Creative Day!


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2 responses to “Simple Creations: Wooden Bead Necklace & Refurbished Candy Box

  1. I enjoyed your post and love the bead necklace. I am trying to learn how to wire wrap beautiful rocks that I find here in Arizona! What a great idea to paint the box! I will continue to see what Daily Delights you share with us. :)

    • Thanks for visiting and the “like”.

      Jewelry made from beautiful rocks sounds stunning. I would love to see that.
      I have dappled in making jewelry for a long time. Several years ago I made western-style jewelry and sold it to a small, local shop. I enjoy making all kinds of art/craft items.

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