Rockin’ Winter Soup

That was a dirty trick.. Just when we thought winter was done roaring – it made another noisy appearance – hopefully, for the last time this winter.

Sun shining gloriously with warm temperatures this past week sure did feel like Spring.  Even the birds and flowers thought so… The birds sang and the early spring flowers exposed their colorful blooms.  But, not such the case for some of us here in Arkansas.  It was cold.  It rained;  it even snowed and  sleeted in some parts.  We were snapped back into reality having to face those dreaded words: WINTER AIN’T OVER, YET.  An auspicious opportunity to eat warm and hearty soup.

I love homemade soup.  I’ve eaten canned soup before and once you’ve tried REAL homemade soup, there’s no going back to the metallic, high sodium taste of factory soup.  There’s not much better than eating warm, homemade soup with homemade cornbread on a cold wintry day.

This may be my last week of making homemade soup this season.  I don’t care to eat soup after the weather turns warm.  It just doesn’t feel right.  Ya know?

So, for one last time this cold weather season, I’d like to share one of my new culinary discoveries:  Moroccan Chicken & Couscous Soup.  I like to call it Rockin’ Moroccan because THIS SOUP ROCKS!

Click here for recipe.


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7 responses to “Rockin’ Winter Soup

  1. Another good one! I printed both this and your cauliflower recipe. I’ve not made soup with couscous before. Think I’ll try it this week. Thank you!

    • I’ve made it a few times this winter season and we love it every time… it just gets better. I love couscous! It tastes great in soup. Enjoy!

  2. Didn’t realize you are in Arkansas! I lived in Arkansas for three years when I was a child. My dad is from there and he dragged my California mom there and got four years out of her. The tornados were so bad she insisted we go back to California. :) Your soup looks wonderful. I haven’t clicked on the recipe yet, but I can tell I would love it. Our temps dropped 10-12 degrees this week too so good timing posting a winter soup!

    • I was born and raised here. Arkansas is a Beautiful country. I can’t imagine leaving it to go to California, but the tornadoes are scary. On the other, I can’t imagine living with earthquakes. :)

      It has been a bad winter in the South. We just don’t know how to drive in it so, fortunately, I have spent a lot of time indoors this winter.

      It was 71 and sunny here today. Yeah! Now, that’s more like it.

      The soup is a new favorite of ours here at the Dailey Bistro.

      • I agree, Arkansas is beautiful country. I still have an aunt and some cousins living there and it’s always fun to visit. Thank goodness I don’t live in California! :) Sounds like perfect weather! Wish I could say the same. ;)

  3. Just found your blog and I love it! This soup looks so good, I’ll have to try it.

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